ACTION has a strong commitment to educate and inform funding agencies, public policy makers and the community on issues that impact the residents of Monterey County.

Collaboration is at the core of most everything we do at ACTION.

We partner with public and private agencies to produce systems change and are actively invited to take a leadership role in planning for and implementing transformation.

We have achieved considerable success identifying community needs, nurturing community partnerships and developing new projects when our involvement can make a critical difference. We lend our passion, expertise, leadership and resources to achieve sustainable programs and then set them free. When ACTION gets involved, meaningful change happens!

Across sectors and within the broader community, we seed and accelerate social impact in our region. Through research, practice and thought leadership, we aim to elevate the role of the social sector and challenge conventional practices.

Since our inception, ACTION has been a convener of community leaders, funders, service providers and service recipients to assess the critical issues impacting the Monterey Bay.

Our accomplishments reflect our commitment to collaborate with and inform funding agencies, public policy makers and the community on the big issues affecting the quality of life in Monterey County. We are active leaders in planning and implementing community-wide innovation, and our partnerships improve outcomes.

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