Our Approach

Action inspires change by leveraging individual, organizational, and institutional capacities for community transformation.

We understand the environment of social change is dynamic and complex.

We believe social innovation thrives with a solid foundation that is simultaneously adaptable, flexible, and responsive. That’s why we serve as a platform for emerging, grassroots groups to test ideas and generate community solutions.

Advancing social equity requires multi-stakeholder dialogue on critical issues. We advocate across sectors to shift from practices that are transactional to those practices that are relational. We build alliances to collectively move systems and communities towards sustainable and transformative change.

We innovate by introducing new methods and ideas to address systemic challenges in our region.

  • Seed start-ups in response to community-identified needs and solutions
  • Cultivate emerging ideas for the advancement of social equity
  • Nurture sustainable evolution of economic and social justice initiatives into independent organizations
  • Sponsor grassroots efforts to deliver on the social change work and economize on administrative needs

We learn by listening, inquiring, synthesizing information, and identifying patterns that will bridge systems and inspire place-based solutions.

  • Utilize and promote equity-based learning and evaluation methods
  • Support innovation and dynamic social change with real-time learning and emergent evaluation design
  • Integrate and advocate for authentic learning and change frameworks that value participants and lived experience
  • Ground strategic learning and evaluation in capacity building and leadership development. Inspire action, change, and adaptation

We partner with resident, government, business and philanthropic leaders to design cross-sector solutions for community transformation.

  • Facilitate relationship-building across sectors to collectively achieve positive social impact
  • Listen and propose plans and processes
  • Integrate social equity research, practice, and horizontal leadership approaches
  • Advocate relentlessly for resident voice and inclusion
  • Steward fiduciary responsibilities and mutual accountability