We aspire to shift the culture of philanthropy from transactional to transformative.

ACTION represents a space for grassroots leaders to generate and test out ideas to advance social equity.

We understand the integral social contribution of emergent leaders who tirelessly champion ground-up, out-of-the-box community problem solving. Our role is to establish a dynamic foundation for individuals and groups to envision, learn, and adapt.

Our social innovation work is responsive to various levels of engagement needs… from highly independent to fully integrated and comprehensive efforts. Minimal support involves administrative coverage for groups to focus on design and programming. Moderate engagement incorporates varying degrees of capacity building and program support. Comprehensive commitment represents an active role in all aspects.

Levels of Engagement

Fiscal Sponsorship 

Fiscal sponsorship offers residents and community leaders in the nonprofit sector an effective way to promote change, test a theory or pilot a model of intervention without having to invest in costly, time-consuming infrastructure. It is a powerful tool that enables groups to cultivate innovative ideas for social good without the administrative burdens and bureaucratic red tape that go along with creating a stand-alone 501(c)(3) organization.

At ACTION, we believe in the power of community groups to identify real, unmet needs and then develop authentic solutions. We view our approach to fiscal sponsorship as a capacity-building partnership. ACTION’s fiscal sponsorship services exist to support your efforts. We provide support for start-up projects, coalitions and networks whose mission aligns with Action, Inc.


Core to our commitment for advancing social change, we play a leadership role in developing multi-sector initiatives that are grounded in values of prevention, self-determination and critical consciousness.

At ACTION, we utilize periodic community assessments to identify emerging social challenges and guide our work. We’ve initiated several regional initiatives and nurtured each into independent organizations or programs. This multi-year commitment involves developing the program plan, securing the funding, implementing, guiding and sustaining the program.

The Benefits – in brief

  • Cost savings: administration, staff, bookkeeping, tax returns
  • You receive an annual financial statement detailing every deposit and expenditure
  • No need for Articles of Incorporation or By-laws
  • No need for Board of Directors
  • Most activities fall under Action, Inc.’s liability insurance
  • Savings of time, energy, cost of becoming nonprofit
  • Works well for groups that have small budgets and/or limited number of activities each year