b"U.S. enters the2008 We start every day motivated by a few essential questions: great recession, How do we adapt to whats happening now while laying a foundation25 Years of Action and Impact: and as local funding recedes and programs are shut down, Action Council retrenches andto stem future problems? emerges with a bold say yes approach to aidWhere can we best apply our expertise, bandwidth and resources? organizations in recovery.Wraparound2009 What does our community need us to be today? Incubation:Redesign-Incubated Service Providers networkJoins a coalition ofOne thing has remained consistent through the yearsour organizations supporting the Californiafocus on capacity building. We know the problems of our Endowments Buildingcommunity are bigger than any one organization can solveGirls Inc.Healthy Communities initiative, which would fund a series of projectsalone, and they shouldnt have to. By partnering, we can throughout the county tolearn and grow from each other, combine strengths andA National Nonprot Expands in Monterey County improve socialInformation can be found at their website at http://girlsinccc.org/determinants of health. make it possible for everyone to do what they do best. Partnered to develop the2010Family Resource Center Network The cascade effect is evident acrossGirls Inc. of the Central Coast is a thriving afliate of Girls Parents as Teachers2011 the county. For all we can see, transitioned to action we imagine there are manyIncorporated, a national organization created to inspire girls to pursue Packard Foundation2012 more innovationspost-secondary education, develop leadership and decision-making commissioned the Salinas Youth initiative generated by ourskills, serve their communities, and acquire the ability and wisdom to Girls Inc. ofmomentum over theselead healthy lifestyles. In 1999, it was a edgling project based on the Monterey County 25 years. And we arenational Girls Incorporated model with potential to bring positive is successfully spun offonly getting started.into an independentchange to thousands of young girls in the Monterey region. non-prot organization. ACTION initiated the project, providing scal With an eye2013 The people ofsponsorship and valuable technical services that towardMonterey are theallowed the organization to grow. Twelve years sustainability, experts in solving Action Council steps uplater, Girls Inc. became an independent as the local sponsor oftheir own problems. Building Healthynonprot and today it serves more than Communities, creatingThats where our story an umbrella for funded1,700 girls a year in 41 school sites in 10 organizations. ACTIONbegan and thats became the Hostwhere it continuescities. Through its programs, girls are Agency to unfold.transformed into condent and strong Pathways to2014 young women passionate Safetyfully incubated and subabout working in their contracted to communityOur organization was borncommunities and being providers-while acting as administrative entity from forward-thinking mindsYouth Leaders participated in the Agrole models for others.Action Council2016Expansion for Fiscalof community volunteersAgainst Hunger Gleaning Program to Sponsored Programshelp feed low-income, hungry people Participant in First 5's2017 who recognized the need forin Monterey County.Integrated Serviceswift action.CollaborativeVolunteers & Youth Leaders; development At-risk youth who have mentors Revisit of vision and core2018-19 are 35% more likely to see college values for the nextgraduation as attainable.evolution!"