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Job – Operations Director

Job Title: Operations Director

Commitment: Full-time

Revision date: October 10, 2021

FLSA: Salary – Exempt

Organization Background

The Action Council of Monterey County was created in 1994 to address unmet needs of low-income residents as a result of welfare reform. Since that time it has evolved into a hub for social innovation, incubation, and cross-sector collaboration in the region. Action’s mission is to empower people to transform their communities and they do this by incubating leaders, innovative ideas, emerging organizations, and collaborative community action. This role presupposes a strong commitment to work with funders, policy makers and the community to facilitate change on critical issues. To this end it has incubated Building Healthy Communities, Mujeres en Accion and other grassroots organizations in the community.

Action, its programs and sponsored groups have a distinguished track record of facilitating community engagement opportunities and incorporating community voice into policies and decisions that impact their lives. The principal driver of this work is centering residents as assets and key stakeholders not just as recipients of services.

Action also supports a broader regional initiative – Toward a Racially Equitable Monterey County (TREMC), an ecosystem of institutions including community-based organizations, government, and philanthropy. The goal of this ecosystem is to build capacity across the institutions to collectively examine systemic root causes of inequities to craft solutions to achieving healing-informed racial equity.

Position Overview

Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, the Operations Director (OD) will be committed to ensuring effective systems are in place to support the core organizing and leadership development work of the organization to advance racial equity. The OD will be responsible for the overall operations of the organization including day-to-day operations, human resources, IT oversight, health insurance, facilities, purchasing contract management and program management.  The OD has high-level strong planning, administrative, and organizational skills. The OD will also interact with the Board of Directors.

Primary Job Functions

  • Oversees and supervises daily operations.
  • Oversees and manages Human Resources related work.
  • Responsible for contract management.
  • Serves as a local leader for race and health equity

Specific Responsibilities of the Job

 1. Oversees and supervises daily operations
  • Responsible for the day to day operations of the organizations
  • Serve as a leader for the organization in developing policies and practices that establish the culture of the organization
  • Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the organization’s mission – specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process, and organizational planning
  • Oversight of all agency purchasing including but not limited to: office supplies, furnishings, equipment, IT hardware and software, phone systems, food, and utilities
  • Oversight of IT systems including but not limited to supervision of IT tech, IT consultant, providing planning for maintaining and improvements to IT hardware and software, network maintenance.
  • Work collaboratively with Finance Director and Executive Director to ensure alignment and communication across the organization
  • Manage the staff resources, vendors, technology and supplies, and support the Executive Director & Finance in managing tenant / landlord across programs
  • Facilitate and coordinate operations capacity building for programs and sponsored groups
  • Lead and facilitate admin staff meetings


2. Human Resources
  • Risk management – responsible for development, update and oversight of risk management plan for the agency and all areas of compliance
  • Responsible for having current knowledge of Human Resources (HR) policies and best practices for the organization
  • Responsible for developing systems that facilitate hiring practices and conflict management
  • Oversee organizational insurance policies
  • Responsible for resolving any staff related issues that prevent a positive work environment
  • Development and implementation of staff trainings related to HR and internal systems and protocols
  • Identify any gaps in operations and propose organizational needs
  • Serve as primary liaison to legal counsel in addressing legal issues e.g., governing instruments, partnerships, licensing, etc.


3. Contract Management
  • Oversight of all negotiation of contracts; In collaboration with Executive Director and Finance Director review and develop contracts for the organization
  • Invoicing to funding sources, including calculation of completed units of service
  • Development of program budgets


4. Leadership for health and racial equity
  • Support team in achieving health and racial equity outcomes in the organization and community
  • Participate in racial equity related trainings, events, and conferences as needed to maintaining a working knowledge of racial equity practices in order to implement in operations