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February 18, 2010: Pathways to Safety News Bulletin

Posted on July 9, 2010

Dear Community Partners,


As we are navigating this tough financial crisis, I wanted to remind you about the Technical Assistance Grant opportunities from the Community Foundation. We interviewed Julianne Leavy, one of our long standing Pathways to Safety partners and Mel Mason from The Village Project. Both shared with us how these TA funds have benefitted their organizational development and ability to connect clients to services more expediently.


As many of you already know, the ACTION Council is now partnering with the Department of Social & Employment Services on another child welfare redesign initiative –Wraparound Monterey County. One of the ACTION Council’s principal roles is in developing a network of service providers to provide support to families with children at-risk of out-of-home placement. If you are interested in more information on how your agency can be a part of Wraparound Monterey County, please contact Jason Hall, Wraparound Administrative Coordinator at 207-8136.


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It’s Worth It to Apply for Technical Assistance Grants – In the Spotlight: Harmony at Home and The Village Project
Funding Update
Funding Opportunities & Announcements


1. It’s Worth It to Apply for Technical Assistance Grants – In the Spotlight: Harmony at Home and the Village Project
Harmony at Home has been a Pathways to Safety partner for several years. So far, they have been awarded with three TA Grants from the Community Foundation. The first one, in October 2007, allowed them to upgrade their technology. As expressed by Julianne Leavy, Executive Director: “Prior to this grant we were working on one old and outdated computer and everyone in the office had to take turns. As a result of our improved computer system we can communicate more effectively with our clients and community partners, such as Pathways to Safety. It also allows to process referrals in a more expeditious manner and as a result clients are connected to services faster.” Harmony at Home also received technical assistance for a professional consultant who assisted the organization with setting priorities and goals, defining roles and organizational development to provide services in a more efficient and effective manner. See below for more information on Technical Assistance grants.


Harmony At Home provides counseling to children and families that have been exposed to violence and trauma. They provide counseling in the Alisal Union School District, Salinas City Elementary School District and Community Schools through the Monterey County Office of Education. In addition, family and individual counseling is available on a case-by-case basis county-wide for situations involving domestic violence, child abuse and high conflict divorce. For more information:


The Village Project received a $3,625 Technical Assistance Grant from Community Foundation for Monterey County in April 2008. As expressed by Mel Mason, Executive Director: “This grant allowed us to complete a number of projects essential to the development of this agency including Board development, incorporation, strategic planning and establishing the foundation for our initial staffing and programmatic infrastructure. As a direct result of this grant, The Village Project was able to reach its initial goal of outreaching, engaging and providing therapeutic and other essential services to the African American community and other members of historically underserved communities.” See below for more information on Technical Assistance grants.


The Village Project was founded, in part, because of the passage of the Mental Health Services Act and initially focused on offering mental health counseling and therapy. In addition to individual therapy, The Village Project provides therapeutic groups for teens, couples and marriage counseling, a 15-week evidenced-based Effective Black Parenting Class (which has been attended by many non-African American parents), and cultural competency trainings for practitioners working with African American clients. Recently, The Village Project received a grant from AT&T to establish an After School Academy for high school students at risk of not graduating and a grant from the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District to involve elementary school youth in plant propagation projects in parks in Seaside in partnership with the City of Seaside and local schools.
For more information:


2. Pathways to Safety Funding Update
As many of you have experienced first hand, the ACTION Council had to drastically reduce funding of direct contracts. In collaboration with DSES we are working hard to identify and secure funds to sustain the initiative. I will continue to keep you posted on our fundraising efforts and welcome any suggestions or ideas. And of course I hope that you will keep Pathways to Safety in mind when it comes to program and fiscal planning within your own organization.


3. Funding Opportunities & Announcements

Technical Assistance Grants – Request for Proposal
Funder: Community Foundation for Monterey County
Application Deadline: Open, on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted or May 1st, 2010, whichever comes first.
Amount: Up to $4000 (requires 25% matching funds from organization, some of which can be in-kind.)
What: Pathways to Safety community partners can apply for technical assistance funds from the Community Foundation in areas including, but not limited to, professional staff development, organizational development and fund development. Groups have used TA grants to upgrade technology, including donor management software, websites and communications. Other common uses are strategic planning, marketing, board retreats, etc. In the application you will need to show how your proposed use of the funds is connected to the Pathways to Safety initiative. For more information, go to the Community Foundation website: and look under Management Assistance.
Contact: Kaki Rusmore, at Community Foundation for Monterey County or (831) 375-9712


Professional Development Scholarships
Funder: Community Foundation for Monterey County
Application Deadline: No application needed.
Amount: $25.00 - $80.00/person per training event, more with approval.
What: Up to three people from your organization can attend any MAP workshop for free. ACTION Council approval is needed to send more people or attend other professional development events, such as conferences or training from other institutions. View MAP workshops at or
Contact: Susie Polnaszek for your free registration code: or (831) 375-9712. For ACTION Council approval: Larry Imwalle – (831) 783-1244